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We will pick up your car on Auction, AAA, Houses
or Auto Yards and we will deliver it on
the port, ready to be shipped to you
destination. Inland and Overseas services
provided with a 100% safety and
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Shipping cars from/to Hawaii

Car Freight is dedicated to shipping vehicles, motorcycles, rv’s, botes, yates, etc.. However we do not ship personal goods. We are not allowed to move households, carry passengers, or pets.

Car Freight only transports motorized vehicles.

We transport vehicles within the USA and Hawaii.

Our estimates are custom made for each type of vehicle. We factor in time of year, route taken, vehicle condition (running or not) and even the drop off location. This is why our staff is able to give quotes over the phone and online in the upper right hand corner of this site.

The estimates are not given by a computer program that can be inaccurate. Every vehicle shipping quote is live.

You are dealing with professionals and we are hear to help you get your vehicle as fast and safely as possible to/from Hawaii.

When you choose Car Freight to transport your vehicle you are getting enclosed Container to protect your vehicle from environmental and other damaging factors such as Industrial Hazards, Salt Corrosion, Dust, Sand, and other Outside Elements. Your car is safe with us!

We have been in the auto shipping business for a long time and we understand that your car isn’t just some car. This is personal and your car is an extension of you.


Copy of Original Vehicle Registration and Title - ShipHawaii will need copies of the original documents to you inmediately. The registration and title will be the binding document for all other documents provided. (Verifying ownership and/or Lienholder)

Creditor/Lessor notarized statement - If your vehicle is currently financed/leased, bring a notarized statement from your creditor/lessor that the creditor/lessor is aware your vehicle is being shipped, with the VIN# noted, authorizing that the vehicle can be shipped from Hawaii. The letter is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance if an expiration date is not noted. The financial institution noted on your registration must issue the letter of authorization.
If your financial institution has changed its name or is not the financial institution reflected on your registration, a notarized document from the financial institution must be provided explaining the reason for the difference.

Photo ID. - In order to pick up the car, you (or anyone you designate) must furnish a Government issued photo ID (License, Military ID, State ID, Passport).

Non-Owned vehicle - If the person shipping/receiving the vehicle is other than the owner, ShipHawaii requires a notarized letter of authorization from the owner(s). If the vehicle co-owner, both registered owners must sign the consent form.

Co-Owned vehicle - If you are shipping your vehicle from Hawaii and there is co-ownership of the vehicle, both owners must be present when vehicle is delivered to ShipHawaii. If only one owner is present, a notarized letter is required from the absent co-owner authorizing the shipment.